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Take advantage of our home Pilates and Yoga services under the 'Services à la Personne' scheme, allowing French taxpayers to benefit from a tax advantage for their home classes.

What is Services  à la personne ?

Services à la personne scheme refers to a range of activities, conducted at home, designed to address specific social needs.

This is a scheme financially supported by French public authorities, allowing individuals to benefit from an income tax credit equivalent to 50% of the expenses they have incurred for home services, such as private Pilates or Yoga classes, for example.


Which services are eligible?

Pilates and Yoga classes are eligible for Services à la Personne scheme, at the condition they are exclusively conducted at home, either individually or within the family setting

  • At home
  • Individually
  • Within the family setting


  • Corporate sessions
  • Sessions outside your home
  • Online video sessions

Découvrez nosyoga classes at home!

Refer to the Personal Services circular dated April 11, 2019 for more information.

How does it work ?

Let’s say you purchased a package of 10 home Pilates classes during the year, costing 1200€.

Thanks to the Services à la Personne scheme, you can benefit from a 50% reduction, which amounts to 600 euros on your tax.

So, if your initial French tax due was 2,000 euros, you will only have to pay 1,400 euros in the end.

Every year, before March 31 of the following year (N+1), a certificate is sent to confirm eligibility for the French tax credit.

This document indicates the exact amount to report in box 7DB of your income tax return. It should be kept as proof in case of a potential tax audit.”

Pilates Excellence Accreditation

Pilates Excellence has been an accredited Service à la Personne Organization (OASP) since 20..

DECLARATION: SAP No. 000000000 issued on DD/MM/YYYY


As an accredited Services à la Personne Organization, we provide our clients with a unique opportunity to benefit from a 50% French tax credit on the amount spent on their home classes.

Choosing our home Pilates or Yoga classes makes you eligible for tax benefits that you won’t find in a gym or group classes setting

Services à la Personne

Questions & Answers

Expenses eligible for Services à la Personne scheme are considered up to 12,000 euros per year. This limit can be increased by 1,500 euros for each dependent child, in accordance with articles 196 and 196 B of the French General Tax Code (CGI).

By default, the maximum amount of the tax credit is:

6,000 euros (50% of the annual ceiling of 12,000 euros spent on personal services).

This spending limit is assessed per tax household and remains the same for all taxpayers, whether married, widowed, single, or divorced.

Learn more about Services à la Personne scheme.

Pilates Excellence stands out for its team of highly skilled instructors who provide personalized Pilates and Yoga classes at home. Our mission is to accompany you in regaining fitness and overall well-being.

Our home Pilates or Yoga classes come with a French tax advantage that you won’t have in a gym or group setting. As a registered Services à la Personne Organization, we offer an exclusive opportunity for our taxable clients in France to benefit from a 50% income tax credit for the amount spent on their home classes

Every tax resident in France, subject to income tax, can benefit from a tax credit if they have declared personal services during the year.

Those eligible for the tax credit include:

– Single, widowed, or divorced French taxpayers who engage in professional activity or are registered on the list of job seekers provided for in Article L. 311-5 of the Labor Code for at least three months during the year of payment of expenses

– Married individuals or those who have entered into a civil solidarity pact, subject to joint taxation, provided that both meet either of the conditions mentioned above.

Learn more about Services à la Personne scheme.

Pilates and Yoga are suitable for both beginners and experienced individuals, regardless of age or physical condition, unless you have a contraindication.

Pilates exercises can be adapted to meet the specific needs of each person, whether it’s to alleviate chronic pain, improve mobility, or simply get back in shape.

It is recommended to consult a healthcare professional before engaging in any physical activity.