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About us

notre méthode de séances de pilates adaptée à chacun et en fonction de chaque niveau

Our story

I founded Pilates Excellence because I wanted to offer unique and exclusive sessions tailored to each person like me who was looking to correct or improve dysfunctions in their body. I have ankylosing spondylitis and postural imbalance and for years I have tried everything.
It was when I became interested in a more holistic approach, anatomy and the inseparable connection between body and mind that I was able to better understand how my body works and see the results.
From there was born the idea of offering tailor-made sessions, meticulously prepared in relation to a global analysis of the body to help all people, whatever their needs, their mood, their level and their goal. Because for me each body is
unique and therefore each session must also be unique!

What makes us unique

Pilates Excellence is a team of passionate people, both professional and deeply human.

People are at the heart of our activity! Our teachers all have the same desire: to create unique sessions with a very high level of professionalism and high standards. This is the foundation of the trusting relationship we build with our clients, session after session.

We engage with each of our clients and we invest in each session to achieve their goals with them.

Private session at your home

Book a session

Book a session Before planning your 1st session, it is important that we discuss your expectations and your needs in order to find the teacher who suits you. Then we decide together on the date of your first session.
For the following sessions, you can plan them directly with the teacher.
For any reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with the scheduled day and time, then a reminder text 48 hours before your session.

Cities served

We cover the region of Paris / Ile de France, Aix-en-Provence / Bouches du Rhône, and London.

If you want another city, we invite you to contact us, we will find a solution together.

Cancellation / Refund conditions

Sessions can be modified and canceled only if they are modified or canceled at least 48 hours in advance. Any modification or cancellation must be notified by email to Cancellation or modification with less than 48 hours notice will be charged at the full rate.
Sessions reserved for the unit are fully refundable if canceled under our cancellation policy.
Packages are non-refundable and must be used within 6 months of the first booking.

Course of the session

All of our sessions take place in the relaxed and private atmosphere of your home. All you need is a comfortable, casual outfit and a floor mat.
Our teachers are trained so that each session is adapted to your physical condition and your level of practice.

Payment of the session

Each reserved and scheduled session is payable in advance. For any reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with the day, time and payment link.
You will also receive an email and an SMS 48 hours before each session, so that your session is well noted in your agenda!

The Pilates Method

la méthode pilates personnalisée à votre niveau

The Pilates method, what is it?

Pilates is a method of deep muscle building,
developed by Joseph Pilates, to improve physical and mental fitness.
The Pilates method emphasizes length and fluidity in order to develop long and toned muscles. Recruitment of your deep abdominal and back muscles; as well as the stabilization of your shoulder and pelvic girdles reduce the load on your superficial muscles, thus improving the performance of your body, reducing the risk of injury.
Breathing and concentration techniques allow your body and mind to work together towards a healthier body. Although relaxation is not the ultimate goal of Pilates, many people experience a sense of serenity after Pilates sessions, the result of the intense concentration and body awareness required to perform the exercises.

la méthode pilates personnalisée à votre niveau

Who is this for?

Pilates is suitable for all ages and all physical conditions, because the exercises are safe and impact free.
The coaches are trained to teach for all levels of practice with an objective of progression adapted to the rhythm of each one.

notre méthode de séances de pilates adaptée à chacun et en fonction de chaque niveau

What are the benefits?

The benefits of pilates are primarily based on your needs:

  • Be more confident or charismatic
  • Increase your athletic performance
  • Avoid injuries
  • Have a toned body
  • Increase flexibility and agility
  • Improve body posture
  • Feel better every day
  • Maintain or improve your health

How to practice?

Workouts can take place anywhere, in a private gym, at your home, or at your vacation spot. Floor work involves your whole body, no need for specific equipment: you must have a floor mat and a comfortable outfit.

« Chacun est l’architecte
de son propre bonheur. »

Joseph Pilates